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Big election coming up. Of course I care which way you vote, because I would like all of you to agree with my point of view. But that you vote is much more important.

If you don’t vote, and you don’t like how things turned out, don’t come cryin’ to me. Or the rest of us. All the way until the next election.

As for the registration table, the election is 26 days away.

Adios, LIV Tour

In the recent past I have made my opinions known about the LIV tour and the people behind it. Now, it seems that the first question at a press conference for the guy who just won the week’s tournament is, “Are you going to join the LIV Tour?”

All this hoo-hah is about people who can earn (on the PGA Tour) almost as much in a couple of weekends as most of their fans will earn in a lifetime.

Besides the pros, who the f**k CARES about all this?

Both of these Tours could dry up and blow away and it would have no effect on my being able to go out to have fun playing golf with my friends.

I’ve had enough. This is my final statement about the whole affair. Promise.

Three Questions for Phil Mickelson

Here are three question reporters at the U.S. Open should have asked Phil Mickelson yesterday.

1. You accused the PGA Tour of “obnoxious greed.” How would you characterize the $200 million that you accepted from the Saudi government?

2. You have said several times that playing on the LIV Tour is an opportunity to help to grow the game of golf. In what ways is the LIV Tour growing golf that the PGA Tour is not?

3. You once referred to the Saudis as “scary mother****ers.” What caused you to say that?

Something I Need to Say

Republican politicians are saying exactly this to the families of those killed in recent mass murders*: “The cost to me of not getting re-elected because I voted to approve effective gun control legislation is greater than the cost to you of your child being murdered in their school classroom, or your loved ones in their grocery store or church.”

Why Republicans Won’t Budge on Guns

* Let’s stop saying “mass shootings.” They’re mass murders.

USGA to Roll Back Distance

I get several golf newsletters in my e-mail every morning. Today there is an article in the Golf Digest newsletter about the USGA making plans to roll back distance of “elite male players” by altering the characteristics of the ball.

Read it here.

Also, the Saudi League is going to start up anyway, though I don’t know where they will get any players of interest. They are certainly throwing LOTS of money at the project.

Read it here.

The tournament schedule is here.

Professional Handicaps

Want to know how good PGA professionals really are? The chart below shows their handicaps from 2016 to 2000. They’re pretty low.

To put plus handicaps into perspective, it is said that there is a greater difference between a 3 and a +3 that there is between a 3 and an 18.

If a plus handicap is a new idea to you, it works like this, roughly. Take the course rating and subtract the handicap. So if your local course is rated 70.0, and a pro’s handicap is +8, their expected score would be 62.

That’s not exactly how it works, but that gives you the general idea.

The average index is +5.4. The best index achieved as Ricky Fowler’s +8.4.

It all works out to the fact that they’re playing a different game than we are.

(Click to enlarge)

300 Yards? I don’t get it

I was at the range a few days ago. There is a post 300 yards away from the line of tees we hit off of.

300 yards is along way. You don’t really know how far away that is until you’re looking at it.

And yet there are guys who hit the ball father than that on the fly.

Yes, they are strong, they are superior athletes, and their technique if flawless. I know all that.

I guess it’s my imprinting that I can’t shake. When I started the game, 200 yards off the tee was long for your everyday recreational golfer. 250 yards was a Tour drive and the big hitters averaged 265, maybe 275.

I understand 275 on the fly and roll out to 300.

But 300 and more in the air I don’t think I’ll ever understand.