No Double Bogeys

The round that I think is my all-time favorite is one where I shot an 85, but I didn’t have any double bogeys–five pars and thirteen bogeys.

85 is higher than my usual scores, but I have never played so consistently. It was a very satisfying day.

Scoring is about not making high scores on holes. That’s the easiest way bring your total score down.

So today I want to mention how to avoid double bogeys, and maybe in the same way avoid triples. And beyond.

When you’re on the tee, and you put the ball in the fairway, your way is clear (though I have to admit that I have driven dead center to an open green and still taken a DB. More than once).

If you miss the fairway, however, there is a decision to make–if you can’t easily reach the green, how far can you reasonably advance the ball with your next shot, and put the ball in a place where with the shot after that you can easily get it on the green?

You gotta think two shots ahead, not about making a heroic par but instead, an easy bogey. Remember, you’re a recreational golfer. A bogey is a good score.

You gotta combine your skills with what the course is offering you from where you are, and play for the best position for the shot after that. The position is everything.

That is how you cut down on the double bogeys off a bad tee shot.

If you flub the shot into the green, then your task is to get down in no more than three shots. Put the first of those three shots on the green. No fancy shots. Bunt if you have to. Just no chipping twice in a row. Forget the pin. Don’t try to get too cute. Just get the ball on the green so your putting can take over.

Sure, you have to have some skills. You have to be able to execute somewhere long the line. But thinking ahead, playing within your abilities, is how you give yourself the opportunity to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as you can.

No DBs.

Try that this summer and see what you get.

One thought on “No Double Bogeys”

  1. Very good advice, Bob — to avoid DBs like the plague — and seek never to “allow” the dreaded TB (or worse)!

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