The Recreational Golfer Philosophy

Everything in the totality of The Recreational Golfer works or it wouldn’t be here. The catch is, none of it works for everybody.

Even the most basic imperatives are accomplished differently by every golfer.

You have to have a good grip, but your good grip and mine will not be the same. You have to have the right swing tempo, but your tempo and mine will not be the same. The handle has to lead the clubhead, but the way I do it and the way you do it will not be the same.

There are some things I do in my swing that might be disastrous in yours, and vice versa.

I bring up points that I feel deserve your attention and suggest a way to address the matter, but I have no illusions that you will be able to do it, or should do it the way I suggest, or even that you understand what I’m trying to say (which, if not, would be my fault, not yours).

Every post should end with the words, “I hope this helps.”

If you try my way and it doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Take the notice I have to given this particular aspect of swing or shot or whatever, and do what I did–play with it, and try different things until you get a way that works for you.

If what I say encourages you to achieve a resolution, be it my way or yours, I’ve done my job.

Little Differences That Make a Big Difference in How Well You Play