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Bob Jones is a recreational golfer who lives in Salem, Oregon, and plays golf in the northern Willamette Valley. He has a 9.5 handicap, and has written two books for recreational golfers, Better Recreational Golf, and The Golfing Self. His latest work is Bob’s Living Golf Book, available only on the site and updated monthly.

Please send me your comments and questions so I can help you play better golf.


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  1. Hey Bob, I found your blog while doing research on what to look for when buying a set of irons. I’ve just pick golf back up after a 30 year layoff … 4 kids will do that to you! As I read your blog, it sounded like you’re talking to me. I don’t want to become a professional, just beat my son and two son-in-laws! I’ve subscribed, but haven’t received a password. Any help! Thanks

    1. Mike,
      I know what you mean about four kids and a 30-year layoff. That was me all over (well, just two kids), and as well for a lot of other men. Welcome back to the game.

      The only thing you need a password for is Six Fundamentals. You should get that via email from AWeber, the firm that manages my newsletter, after you have signed up for it. Is there something else you were expecting to get a password for? Is there something else that is asking you for a password?

    1. Thank, you Josh. Please tell your friends about the blog. You won’t be disappointed if you buy a book or two, either, because there’s lots more in them just like you’re reading on the blog.

  2. Happened upon your web site recently while searching for an easier and more consistent golf swing. Read some of the posts on the blog and thought there was some good information. I purchased both of your books hoping to find swing information I can understand.
    Just wondering, should I, at this point read and follow the book or are there things in th blogs that will complement the book?
    Thanks and I hope the drills you recommend help.

  3. Peace be with you Bob,

    Discovered your blog many years ago and was impressed by your down to earth approach to golf. Unfortunately the contact got lost due the confusion of the golf swing in which i was involved Re discovered it again yesterday and have already downloaded your books.

    Glanced through a part of your mind set approach to golf and was not surprised that you mentioned the two selves.
    The tow selves are the old self(irrational mindset), and the transformed self, the new person.(the rational mindset)
    We are on the brink of a major universal transformation that will remove the curse(irrational ) mindset. Should you be interested,
    you will find all the details on our website, the “BIN”.

    Turning to golf, I have been playing golf for sixty years, and sad to say I am still struggling. Discovered Blake’s “The golf swing of the future”, 30 years ago and had some success, 28 handicap :-).
    Recently decided to go back to tgsotf when I found your reference to “the swing being a continuous movement”. Working on it at present. You can gather that I am not getting on in years, but still enjoying the game.

    Kind Regards,

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