The Sound of Impact

For years I have been trying this idea and that to try to find simpler and more reliable ways to swing a golf club.

At the same time, I have been listening, because that’s what I do a lot, and find that my best shots always have the same sound at impact.

Recently I turned that around, the same sound makes the best shots.

Now, I am letting my search for the perfect sound guide how I swing the club. I am getting my best shots much more frequently as a result.

Without going into any detail about how I am doing this, I will say only that it takes a certain amount of hand-eye coordination to pull it off. But not much. Enough to get the results I am looking for, but not so much that it isn’t easy to repeat.

So anyway, that’s just a thought. Strive to have your hits make the same sound and see what you get. (But it has to be the right sound.)

[Note: see also, The Ball Is Your Target]

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