The Importance of the Finish of Your Golf Swing

What you do as you swing into the ball dictates the position you will be in at the finish of your swing.

To say it another way, to get to a particular finish position, you have to do certain things swinging into it.

When you don’t hit the ball to your liking, you can try correcting the things you do before impact, or you can take a different approach.

Try to finish the swing in a different way. Aim to be in a different position than you normally are when the swing is done. That will automatically force you to do something different beforehand to get there. That might be the only corection you need.

Example. I am a right-to-left golfer, often to a fault. I don’t know what a slice looks like. I am, however, on first-name terms with duck hooks.

Whenever I hit one of those disgusting shots, at the finish my hands are pulled way over to the left and the clubshaft is almost horizontal.

The solution? I aim for a finish that has my hands up high and in front of me, and the shaft is almost vertical. By swinging with getting to that position mind I automatically do different things beforehand to get there and get a straight shot out of it.

If you’re a slicer, maybe you need to end up with your hands more around you than up in front of you–the opposite of my correction.

Try it. It might be just that simple.

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