The Ball Is Your Target

If you have been reading this blog long enough, you know I go off in odd directions from time to time. I try to do things differently because anybody can do things the same way.

Where I really have fun is in doing things they say you shouldn’t do. Most of time when I try it, I find out why you shouldn’t do it.

But every now and then I find out that they’re all wet. This is one of those times. At least it is for me.

Everybody says the great players are in love with their target–that fairway out there, or that spot on the green. Yes. I agree. The problem as I see it is that they are referring to their target as something a long way away where the ball is supposed to go.

Let’s just hold on for a second and think about this. Sure, I want the ball to go someplace over there, but what do I have to do get it there? (This is not a trick question.)

I have to hit the ball! Doesn’t that make THE BALL my target? I don’t see how you can say otherwise.

Actually, my target is not even the ball. It’s a spot on the ground one inch in front of the ball.

If I hit that spot with the sole of the club, the ball compresses against the clubface like they all talk about, the ball takes off like a rocket, and I get great distance in the direction I intend.

That kind of impact has a unique sound and feel I know you have experienced many times before.

So instead of building a swing that delivers that perfect impact as a byproduct, WHY NOT GO DIRECTLY FOR WHAT YOU WANT? Why not build a swing that starts with that sound and feel and works outward from there?

It’s not hard to do.

Try this drill, which teaches you to focus on and hit the spot where the sole of the club should first contact the ground—about one inch in front of the ball.

The point is, after you start the club forward from the end of the backswing, to be aiming at that spot on the ground in front of the ball. Make it your conscious intent to hit it with the leading edge of the club and let your swing adjust to that end however it does.

Work on it with your 7-iron, everybody’s favorite practice club.

What about your driver? Set up leaning your torso slightly toward the right (toward the left, for left-handed golfers) and put the same swing on the ball. The lean will cause you to miss the ground and hit the ball on an upswing, which is just what you want.

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