150 Yards and In

Harvey Penick has a short bit in his Little Red Book titled “Long and Short.” The point he makes is that you should spend most of your practice time on your 150-yard shot, using whatever club that is.

This is best advice I have ever seen for the strength of your overall game.


Penick says, “There’s no reason why the average golfer should take more than three to get down from 150 yards.”

That’s exactly right. You should expect to hit the ball onto or beside the green and get down in two from there or closer.

To be able to expect that, not only does your swing need to produce accurate shots, you have to be able to chip and approach putt quite well, too.

I should mention the driver. If you are money with an iron from 150 yards, that same swing will put your tee ball in the fairway reliably, too.

That’s how being good from 150 yards affects the overall strength of your game.

How important is the 150-yard strategy?

By adopting it as the basis of my game I became a single-digit golfer.

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