How To Become a Versatile Shotmaker

In order to score well and have fun, you need to have a shot for whatever a golf course can throw at you. That’s being a shotmaker.

This is how you accomplish that over time, and it’s so easy.

When you play a round, and you come across a situation that you can’t handle, or have to play a shot you don’t hit well, go to the range afterward and fix it.

Patch up those holes in your bag right away so when you get into that same spot again you’ll know what to do and be able to hit a good shot from it.

Sometimes, though, you might not be able to figure it out. That’s when you get a playing lesson, and have three or four shots like that you want to work on.

Bring a notebook and pen and write down what the pro tells you to do, because I guarantee that a year later you will have forgotten all about it.

So it’s OK to be at a loss once, that’s what you call experience. But twice from the same spot, shame on you.

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