Want to Break 90? Consistently?

This is what to do change from a 90’s shooter to an 80’s shooter.

Keep track of your rounds, shot by shot, to identify the beaner shots that ruin a hole. Chances are they are the same kinds of shots all the time.

For example, that monster slice. Chunking it from the fairway. Missing the green from 60 yards with a wedge. Leaving a 40-foot chip or 40-foot approach putt 12 feet shot. Or long. Missing two-foot putts.

IOW, find out what shots killing your chances to shoot a good score and GET LESSONS TO FIX THEM.

Then practice until they are fixed.

Finally, learn how to play the game. Hit shots you are good at and avoid choosing to hit shots you are not good at. Or that the course does not want you to hit. Rein in your ego.

Understand that for you, bogey is a good score. There will be some doubles, but there will be some pars that balance them out. It’s the triples and quads you have to eliminate.

I could say a lot more things, but this is enough for now. Good luck!

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