One Way to Take Your Range Game to the Course

That’s the problem, isn’t it? You hit it just fine at the range (at least I hope you do), but at the course all that takes the day off.

First, though, let’s make sure there is a problem. At the range, you can hit ball after ball and no doubt many of them will be playable shots on the course. But how many? How good are you on the range?

Maybe you are taking your range game to the course and it’s not as solid as you think. But let’s say it is.

It’s likely is that the problem is not your swing, but that you’re doing something different mentally at the range than you do on the course. And maybe neither one of them is the right thing to do.

Just like you use the same swing, and it needs to be one that works, you need to have the same frame of mind both places, and it has to be the right one.

What you hear and read, and what I agree with, is that your mind has to be connected to your target. There needs to be a mental feeling that connects where the ball is with where you want it to go.

By doing that, you give your subconscious mind an order which it will carry out by directing your swing to hit the ball in the right direction.

If you just swing, the ball will go in the general direction of your target. That’s not good enough. With a definite, defined target, the chances of the shot ending up where it needs to, go way up.

And you learn how to do that by praticing it. Every ball you hit at the range has to have a defined target that you select.

Then at the course you just do what you have taught yourself to do.

Bonus: I like to hit the ball to a place in the air I want the ball to go through on its way to the target. Because if it goes there, it will come down in the right place.

Not to mention there are no hazards or other obstacles in the air that mess with my mind.

2 thoughts on “One Way to Take Your Range Game to the Course”

  1. My problem is that I take my range game to the course where it sticks around for the front nine. Over the course of the back nine, it gradually falls apart. I wonder if it simply a matter of me getting tired. I’m not so young anymore.

    1. It’s a matter of your concentration running out. If you get physically tired, it’s easy to get mentally tired, too. So rent a cart for the back nine. But if that’s not it, then you need to find a way to have your mind stay fresh for eighteen holes, not thirteen. Read my book, The Golfing Self (free download at this site), to learn a way to do that. Not being young anymore is no excuse. You should get mentally stronger as you age.

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