Me and Tiger

GolfWRX published an article today on the driver Tiger Woods used when he won the Tiger Slam in 2000. It’s a Titleist 975D.

It just so happens that is the same driver I use, even now.

Tiger (actual club)
Me (actual club)

I hit fairways with it and it feels real good in my hands. It doesn’t go 298 yards, though. I must be doing something wrong.

Maybe it’s that my driver is 12.5* and not 6.5*. Maybe it’s that I have never hit it past 250 and have no idea how I hit it even that far. Once.

But I don’t care. Me and Tiger. We know a good driver when we see one.

One thought on “Me and Tiger”

  1. As I read your article I thought that is the driver my son plays.

    I forwarded your article to him, and he plays it at 12.5 just as you do. He loves the driver and has had it for years. In his words, it’s a classic. He thinks it would be called a 2 wood today. I guess maybe mini driver which is getting quite popular.

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