A New Look at Bunker Shots

I have a real problem with bunkers. I work hard to make ball-first, ground-second contact from the fairway. But in the bunker, that’s just what you’re not supposed to do. They all tell us to hit one, two inches behind the ball. In other words, hit it fat.

And I just can’t bring myself to do that. Consequently, I’m lousy out of bunkers. Terry Koehler to the rescue.

Terry is a club designer who also writes a periodic column for GolfWRX. In one of his recent posts, he advises us to hit the ball and the sand at the same time.

This is exactly what I do when I hit out of a fairway bunker, a shot I am as good at as I am bad in a greenside bunker. Which in both cases is “really.”

My problem is there isn’t a practice bunker within miles of my house, so I can’t try it out. The only practice I get in a bunker is when my first attempt doesn’t work and the ball is still in it, so I get to try again. But maybe there is one near where you live and you can see if it improves matters.

You know, the touring pros say the bunker shot is the easiest one there is. If that’s so, why do we have so much of a problem with it?

If you’re a hopeless case in a bunker like I am, maybe Terry’s new approach will turn things around for you.

One thought on “A New Look at Bunker Shots”

  1. I like the idea. I follow this approach; looking at where the ball meets the sand and trying to place the strike at that exact spot; keeping my hands close to my body, which helps with elevating the ball up and out of the bunker, allowing it to land softly.

    Think of “pulling” your arms into your left pocket as you make the strike — which tends to send the ball higher. Also, open the club face a touch, so you use the “ounce” of the club to your advantage. Sounds good, right?!

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