Rocky the Driving Range Dog

This post is somewhat off topic for this blog, but I have to let you see it anyway. The guy who owns the driving range I go to adopted Rocky earlier this summer, and posted this on the Oregon Humane Society Facebook page yesterday. I have known Rocky from the start. I almost cried reading it. It’s a great story. And yes, he does hop around like a bunny.

2 thoughts on “Rocky the Driving Range Dog”

  1. Thanks for posting this great story. I don’t care if it is OT it is a great story and made my day a little bit better.

  2. Most anything uplifting, especially if it involves any of “the other animals,” like Good Boy “Rocky” here, is ON Topic in my book.

    I wonder if Rocky could rescue me from making a poor golf swing. I’d have to hire him full-time. Thanks, Bob!

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