Ernie, Fred, and Vijay

Let me point you to a video that shows four key swing principles very clearly. It is of Ernie Els, Fred Couples, and Vijay Singh warming up.

You will have to watch it several times to see all of what is there.

What you will see right off is their perfect rhythm and tempo.

Then notice how their arms stay together instead of flying all over the place.

Then notice how their suspension point does not move.

Finally, and it’s hard to see, but it’s there, their hands get back to the ball before the clubhead does.

If you are hitting the ball well, keep doing it. But if you aren’t, you might consider putting these four things into your swing.

One thought on “Ernie, Fred, and Vijay”

  1. Yeah — I look a lot like “Boom Boom” Couples — NOT!

    Thanks for this video, Bob. It really shows the value of a smooth tempo. These guys are swinging “through” the ball — on plane — as opposed to what we amateurs tend to do — which is to “hit” the ball — off plane.

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