Use the Golf Swing You Know

There are two things you can do with a golf swing: learn a good one, and improve the one you have.

If you do the first one, you never have to do the second. If you haven’t done the first one, the second one won’t help you much.

So do the first one. Get lessons. Learn a swing that works. What is a swing that works? It is a swing that hits the ball where you intend.

When you have a swing that does that, practice it so you can repeat it, always referring back to its basic principles as you do. Don’t tinker or add on.

Let’s say you have learned that swing and you’re on the golf course. What do you do?

Swing with the good swing you know, and no more. Swing with the comfort that this swing will take care of itself. No forcing required.

Swing with that comfort in mind.

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