My Golf Swing Checklist

This is what I work on when I go to the range. Numbers 1, 5, 7, and 8 apply to everyone, in my opinion. The others are for correcting my bad habits.

1. End the practice swing at the desired finish position.
Moderates the entire swing.

2. Square up the shoulders at address.
My habit is to have them open.

3. Do the takewaway drill to make sure the clubface does not close at takeaway.
I tend to close the clubface unintentionally in the first few feet of takeaway.

4. The forward swing starts with the lower body.
…not with the arms.

5. The handle leads the swing all the way through the ball.
…so the hands lead the clubhead through impact.

6. Guard against swaying through impact.
I can get away with this with irons, but not with the driver.

7. The forward swing leads to the desired finish position.
The result of a moderated swing.

8. Tempo is set for centered contact rather than distance.
None of this works unless the tempo is right.

You might want to make up your own checklist.

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