Farewell to the Redlines

Ten years go I bought a used set of irons, Ben Hogan Apex Redline from 1989.

They are wonderful clubs, probably the best irons the Hogan brand made.

I played wonderful golf with them. These are the irons that helped me get to single digits.

But to get to the point, they have to be put away. I got them off eBay, and everything on eBay has a Stiff shaft. Ten years ago I could swing a Stiff shaft. Now, I can’t.

I went to the range a few days ago with the 6-iron and had to work so hard just to get a passable shot out of it. It shouldn’t have been that difficult.

Today I went to the range again and took the 6-iron from the set of 1999 Apexes, which were custom built for me in 2003 and have Regular shafts.

It was like night and day. They swung easily, smoothly, they worked with me. They’re in the bag, the Redlines are out.

So farewell to old friends. I knew that someday I would have to switch back to the 1999s again, and that day has arrived.

But not to worry. I hit this killer fade with them that is going to make flagsticks very afraid.

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