New set of irons

I bought a new set of irons today, off eBay. They’re Ben Hogan Apex Red Line, made in 1988. Can’t wait for them to get here. I play 1998 Apex’s, and I thought it would be a good idea to have practice set and a playing set.

Who knows? The Red Lines might turn out to be the playing set.

Don’t think I’m getting carried away. I know of a guy who has 25 sets of Hogan irons. Collector, maybe, I don’t know.

But what’s the big deal about Apex’s? I’ll tell you.

When you hit the ball just right it feels like you didn’t hit it. Maybe like you hit a stick of soft butter. There’s this soft, delicate thud, and the ball takes off like a rocket. I’m not kidding. You ask someone else who plays them what it feels like when you hit it right, and they’ll say, “Buttery.” For some reason, it’s the word we all come up with.

They’re also the best-looking clubs out there, too. The tuxedos of the iron world.

Every now and then I get paired up with someone I haven’t played with before, he sees the Hogans in my bag, and he goes “(sigh) I used to have a set of those.” I ask, “Did you like them?” He says, “Loved ’em.” I think, “Then why don’t you still have them??!!”

Today marks two more shopping months until my birthday. I’ll call these an early birthday present.

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