The Handle Moves in Harmony With the Clubhead (video tip)

It’s been few weeks since I posted. Not to worry.

I have a new video on YouTube, which you can see here, an alternate way of looking at the hands leading the clubhead.

The reason this conception works is that it takes your attention off your hands, which are the problem, and onto the handle, which is the solution.

I hope it helps.

2 thoughts on “The Handle Moves in Harmony With the Clubhead (video tip)”

  1. Thanks, Bob. I’ll give it a watch this week.

    Your videos have been very helpful, especially the 3 basic chipping videos (greenside, air, hard). I’ve already improved my chipping with almost no practice just by watching; they enhanced the short game section of your book for me. I did have to go back and read about your club recommendations for the air chip and hard chip. Now if I could only get out and practice!

    1. Bob,
      I want to do a video on chipping out of greenside rough, but the groundskeeper at the range keeps mowing the grass too short. Eventually…

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