Fixing The FedEx Cup

So far, it looks like the FedEx Cup is set up so that Tiger Woods will win it every year that he’s healthy, and have it won before the final event.

Can you imagine the NFL setting up the Super Bowl so that one of the teams just has to show up and play the game to win the trophy? Or if in the World Series one team would have to win six games out of seven instead of four out of seven to take the title?

Well, that’s how the FedEx Cup works. Not more than a handful of guys have a chance to win the Cup this weekend. What are the rest of them doing there?

Here’s my fix – and this assumes we even have to have a Fed Ex Cup.

The first tournament is filled with 144 guys based on the PGA Tour money list. This event is a four-round, no-cut tournament. All 144 play four rounds, and at the end the low 100 and ties move on to the next tournament.

This second tournament is also a no-cut tournament. At its end, the low 70 and ties move on to the third tournament, in which everyone plays all four rounds and the low 30 and ties play in the final tournament, the WINNER of which wins the Fed Ex Cup.

No mathematical complications. You have to play in every event and WIN the final one to win the Cup. Just like in every other sport. Except maybe NASCAR, which I heard the FedEx Cup is supposed to be modeled after, but I don’t know much about auto racing.

What do I know about anything, though? I’m just a sports fan.

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