The Right Tempo For Your Golf Swing

Your golf swing’s tempo, or, the overall speed of the swing, is the glue that holds the swing together. Often what you think is a swing problem is a tempo problem.

Most golfers know that swinging to fast is a bad idea. But so is swinging too slow.

If you swing too fast, your swing doesn’t get a chance to develop. You rush through movments before they have a chance to work.

Swinging to slow creates a different problem. It gives your swing the chance to get out of position, to let your swing wander.

The only way to find your right tempo is to pay attention to impact and ball flight. At the right tempo, you’ll be hitting the ball in the center of the clubface, and not fat or thin. You will get nice-looking shots out of it.

Play around with this. Getting it right can be a revalation.

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