My Golf Swing Reference Video

This is a video of my golf swing, taken in 2010 when I was playing 9-handicap golf. I watch it regularly to remind myself of what my personal swing is, because like so many golfers I drift occasionally, and I need to know where to get back to. Best to watch it with the sound turned off.

These are the things that define this swing for me.

First comes swing speed. This swing takes about 1:18 seconds from takeaway to impact. That’s not very fast, but this is the speed that makes sense to me while holding the swing together.

At the end of the backswing my shoulders have turned less than 90°. I could turn them more, but my swing sense says this is far enough. At the start of the forward swing, my hips do not turn ahead of my arms. Everything turns together.

Both of these are back-saving moves. I had back surgery in 1971, so I needed to have a swing that put the least stress on my lower back. I had two more in 2012 so the need now is even greater.

My head turns but does not move from side to side. This is a point of disagreement. Some teachers and pros say it is alright to let it move back in the backswing, while others say keep it in place. While both methods work, what I do is what feels right to me. I also get one less moving part to maintain.

Notice the rhythm of the swing. This is important. There is no pause in the middle. The first half of the swing flows neatly into the second half as if it were all just one movement, which I feel that the golf swing is.

There are other things that a swing analyst could comment on, but the only things that matter to me in re-creating this swing are what I explained above.

Do something like this for your swing. Make a video of it when you’re playing well. It will be the biggest favor you ever did for your golfing self because believe me, one day you will be glad you have it to look at.

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