Bob the Influencer?

I’m in the wrong business. It’s because I am so far behind the times.

I just read an article on GolfWRX about Paige Spiranac who is making over $8M a year on her Instagam account. Paige was a decent college golfer, but not good enough to make it on the LPGA Tour. So she turned to leveraging her looks, and why shouldn’t she? (see photo below, and no, I am not trying to turn this blog into something like the fleshy part of Tumblr)

She gets paid (I don’t know how this works) $8-12K PER POST!!! The nearest PGA poster, Scottie Scheffler, gets a bit over $2K per post, Xander Schauffele just peeks over the four-figure barrier, and the rest of them get peanuts.

Now I’ve been an influencer since 2009, and most of the time I influence you in the right direcction. Maybe I need to figure out this Instagram business.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Bob the Influencer?”

  1. Ken,
    I think you’re right. After all, which would you rather do–hit the ball like Scottie or date Paige?

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