Two Chipping Drills

These are the drills I used to get good at chipping and I still use to stay good at chipping.

Practice greens have a number of holes to putt and and chip to.

Drill 1: Drop four balls at one spot and chip each one to a different hole. Then putt them out.

When you get all four up and down, go to Drill 2.

Drill 2: Chip balls, from four widely-spaced locations, to the same hole. Then putt them out.

Select your targets in the first drill and your locations in the second drill to give you the greatest challenge.

You might think these drills would be hard to do because of the amount of room on the practice green that is required for them and what do you do when the green is filled with people practicing their putting?

Not to worry. Practice greens are among the most under-utilized real estate in the world.

I promise you that everybody else is at the range to pound their driver and maybe ten percent of them will come on to the practice green and knock a few balls around and leave after five minutes because that’s enough of that.

You’ll have the green all to yourself.

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