Straight Lines in the Golf Swing

We pay a lot of attention to making sure the clubface is square to the target line at impact because of the overwhelming effect that clubface orientation has on the flight of the ball.

Let us not neglect the club’s path, however. You can’t hit the ball north if your swing goes northwest.

I think the simplest way to ensure that the club is traveling along the target line at impact it to imagine that the club swings along the target line the whole time, back and through, kind of like a Ferris wheel.

We know that can’t happen. We can’t swing the club along a straight line like that. We can only swing it around.

But I believe that if you visualize the target line on the ground and “swing along it,” your normal swing will take the club up and around in such a way that prevents you from carrying the club too far to the inside or the outside at the start, and likewise back through the ball.

It works great at least for me.

I’m not suggesting you change your swing in any way, just the way you think about where your swing is going.

Two points. If your method is to hit at the ball instead of swing through it, this might not work. If you try to put in a conscious physical assist, that absolutely won’t work.

Just visualize the line and feel your swing going along it. That simple.

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