Dumping My wedges

There was a time, up until yesterday, to be precise, when I carried four wedges: PW, GW, SW, and LW. I got into the Dave Pelz method of pitching, which uses four wedges and three swings, and used them all for chipping, too.

I must say I did very well with that approach. But no more.

For the past few rounds I tried pitching with my PW, 9-, and 8-irons. I found that method to be every bit as accurate distance-wise as with the wedges, and easier to get a good shot out of, mainly because you can hit the the shot with a shorter, and thus more controlled, swing. I was very happy with the result each time.

And doesn’t the shape of those clubheads, at least with the blades I play, say, “Pitch with me?”

So out of the bag went the GW and LW. I hardly ever used those clubs anyway.

Next time you go to the range, try pitching with the three clubs I mentioned and see what you think.

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