Tom Weiskopf (1942-2022)

Tom Weiskopf, winner of the British Open in 1976 and 16 PGA tournaments, died on August 20th at the age of 79, of pancreatic cancer. After his golfing career was over, he became a noted golf course architect and television announcer.

In 1973 he won five tournaments in an eight-week span, including the British Open and Canadian Open back-to-back.

As an architect, he created courses that challenged experts, but didn’t leave the rest of us behind. “I may not give you access to every pin,” he once said, “but I’ll give you the middle of the green every time.”

Weiskopf was also the owner of one of the loveliest and yet most powerful swings in history. It was said to be the model for the logo the PGA Senior Tour used for many years.

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