A Cure for the Yips?

A few posts ago I mentioned some things I am doing with my putting.

One of them was to think of swinging the shaft of the club, not the clubhead.

Today when I was playing (solo) I yanked a three-foot put two times in a row (the real putt and a do-over).

I realized I was thinking about the clubhead. I tried again and just swing the shaft back and forth, got a pure stroke, and the putt went straight in.

Just a thought.

One thought on “A Cure for the Yips?”

  1. I watched a video of Lee Trevino at a clinic demonstrating this same concept. Although he was saying to focus on moving the grip end, not the club head. Same result as swinging the shaft I believe. I tried it…..it really works!! Thanks for all your great work.

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