Take the Hit Out of Your Swing

I have to remind myself of something constantly. And it’s not to keep the lid to the toilet down. I have that one figured out.

It’s rather to stop trying to hit the ball a long way by hitting it hard.

I have written about this before. But as I said then, this advice is difficult to remember.

Today in my backyard driving range, after hitting about ten plastic balls not really that well, I decided to just make my swing feel like a walk in the park.

I hope that means something to you, because it did to me. It didn’t result in slowing down my swing that much, if at all, but it made my swing flow better. That’s the best way I can describe it.

The result, of course, was a dead center hit that made a loud crack against the clubface instead of a muffled whatever. Ball flight? I’ll take it any day.

Just too make sure that wasn’t pure luck, I did the same thing again and got the same result.

Find a way to build this idea into your game in a way that means something to you.

And then do a better job of remembering it than I do.

One thought on “Take the Hit Out of Your Swing”

  1. Good point, Bob. I struggle with trying to hard to hit the ball “hard,” so it goes far.

    I’d be better off (wouldn’t we all) if I were to FOCUS on simply “meeting” the ball in the center of the club face; with the “swoosh” at the bottom of the swing, of course!

    Decent distance comes from center-face strikes more consistently than it comes from trying to “hit” the ball hard.

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