Finding the Center of the Clubface

I devote this blog to giving you my opinions on what to do and describe to the best of my ability how to do it.

Most of golf instruction is about getting the causes right to attain the desired effects, but that doesn’t always work. If it did, because of all the great instruction out there, everyone would be a single-digit handicapper in their spare time.

Sometimes we have to skip the causes and go right to the effect. Learning golf’s most critical skill is one of those times.

I have tried many drills you can find on line about how to find the center of the clubface. I wanted to see if they worked.

They didn’t. The common fault is that the drills involve a complicated setup that has nothing to do with being on the tee box or in the middle of the fairway with just you, a club, and one ball. We’re going to try it my way.

I want you to do two things. Start with a iron you hit well enough and slow down the swing. Slow it way down. That’s the first step.

The second step is to think, just before you take the club away, “center of the clubface.” Give your unconscious mind that thought and let that mind guide your swing to achieve that result.

Direction, slow swing, unconscious control. Those are the keys right now. Do not be concerned with how far the ball goes (although it will go farther than you expect it to).

Direction, slow swing, unconscious control, to meet the center of the clubface. Over and over.

Gradually you can speed up your swing and switch to other clubs. As you swing faster, guidance by the unconscious mind becomes more important. I would leave the driver alone until you get really good at this.

This drill trains your conscious mind to first, to give the right instruction, and second, to stay out of the way while the unconscious mind carries out the instruction.

I do a pretty good job of finding the center of the clubface. This is how I learned to do it.

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