Filming Your Golf Swing

Here and there you read that it would be a good idea to film* your golf swing in a period when you are playing well to have it as a reference.

That’s a good idea, but that alone is not enough.

If you fall into a bad patch, film that swing and compare the two. Then you can find out what’s wrong.

When you make the films, get a face-on view and a down-the-line view OF THE SAME SWING. That means you will need to have two cameras rolling at the same time from those two viewpoints.

I did that once and discovered a bad habit of getting too steep in the backswing, which had the effect of jamming my right arm into the shoulder, which closed closing the clubface.

Films compared, problem solved.

* I’m a product of the film and wet darkroom generation, so I just keep using that word.

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