Two Fabulous Putting Tips

I came across this YouTube video with Phil Mickelson several weeks ago. I’ve been working on it at home, at the range, and on the course.

What he says works. Period.

One thought on “Two Fabulous Putting Tips”

  1. Thanks, Bob — I’ll try anything — except maybe Phil’s current “grip” (or should I say lack thereof?) on the putter. I’ve never felt that Phil is what we’d call a “great” putter. But maybe now he’s getting better. What IS great is his short game — usually — which he often has to employ to counter the trouble he gets himself in off the tee. He can still really put the screws to the driver, though. Impressive. Wonder how he’ll be hitting the ball when he packs on another 20+ years? I hope to be around to take a look at the 70 year old Phil. Wish me luck. I appreciate your work in offering a goofer like me ( a variation of the word golfer as the name more correctly applies to me) your advice!

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