Tempo, One More time

Say you know what to do with your swing, and you know how to do it, but you still aren’t getting consistent results.

I will bet dollars to donuts that your swing is too fast.

I don’t mean to say you are swinging out of your shoes, but that your swing is too fast for you to get everything to line up.

Even though you don’t feel like you are swinging too fast, the results indicate that you might be doing just that.

So slow it down. Slow down your swing to the point where it starts working like it should.

I’m not saying swing slowly. That’s different. I’m saying to find the speed that lets your swing work, which might be slower than you are swinging now.

Not a lot slower, just slower enough.

Then one thing flows into the next, seamlessly. The parts disappear and all you have left is one swing, a swing that works.

Try it.

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