A Single-Digit Golf Swing

Want to see what the golf swing of a single-digit player looks like? Go to this post, the video shot in 2010, and take a look at how I was swinging when I played at that level.

It’s nice-looking swing, simple, effective. It doesn’t hit great shots, but it hits good shots, one after the other.

I look at this video often to remind myself that I don’t have to have breathtaking technique to play good golf.

I look at this video often to remind myself that this is how I play golf.

This swing is my golfing personality. There is no need to mess with it.

This swing works. All I have to do is this and I can play good golf.

When you get into an extended spell of playing well, hopefully because you have gotten unstuck and are now playing at a new level, make a video of yourself swinging.

I guarantee you will come back to it sometime later to remind yourself of how simple it all was, and how simple it needs to be now.

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