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Now that the PGA championship is over (Yaay, Phil!), I have my sights set on my favorite tournament, the United States Open.

When I was growing up, this is the tournament everybody wanted to win. Winning this tournament made you different. The title of U.S. Open winner defined your career.

The USGA has a fabulous web page about the history of the National Open, as it was called for so many years. There is a slider on the bottom of the screen that you can set on any year and see pictures, newsreels, and interviews with the winners. Check Ken Venturi’s commentary on his 1964 victory. It was the most stunning win in the tournament’s history.

I’ll have more U.S. Open stuff in the weeks leading to the tournament, which is scheduled for June 17-20 at Torrey Pines (South) in San Diego.

One thought on “U.S. Open History Site”

  1. I got a chance to play Torrey Pines last year. As I recall, the course was already being prepared for the Open to be played there this year.

    I also recall the incredible difficulty of hitting out of the rough. It seemed to me to be darn near impossible to put a good strike on the ball from the rough.

    It was like hitting out of gorse — “grass gorse,” I’ll call it.

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