My Favorite Golf Toy

I made toy a few years ago to show myself how easy it really is to shoot a low score in golf.

It’s an Excel spreadsheet called The Longest Shot Score [course name] on my hard drive, but I abbreviated it for this post as longestshot.xls. so you can download it.

Enter the yardages of each hole on your course, then enter the longest shot you can hit off the tee, and the longest shot you can hit off the fairway.

The spreadsheet tells what score you could shoot.

My real intent when I wrote this was to see how short you can hit and still score.

Let’s use this screenshot of one of the courses in play, in Dallas, Oregon (several miles east of Salem).

If you never hit over 200 yards off the tee, and 175 yards off the fairway, you are set up to score a 75.

Trying to break 90? You can do that if you never hit over 150 yards off the tee and 125 yards from the fairway.

There’s a given, which is that you always get down in two whenever the ball is up to the green, and that’s a really big given.

But still. I’m trying to tell you that length is good, but straight is better, even if it isn’t very long, and there’s more than one plan for getting around the course than to hit driver all the time.

Play within yourself, keep the ball in play, and shoot scores you would be proud of.

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