Why I Have Blades in My Bag

Blades vs. cavity backs=”game improvement” irons.

There is an article on the GolfWRX site by Terry Kohler about the matter. I was going to write a response, but some guy in the Comments column beat me to it.

What he said is exactly my story. Every word. EVERY WORD.

“I have found that my scores with blade irons are the same or better as cavity backs. Could be because I learned to play with blades nearly 60 years ago because that was my only option. Could be that they just plain look better to my eye because of that old historical tie. Or it could be because I get sloppy with a cavity back relying on that supposed forgiveness. So at this point I simply select a blade because it makes me happy. It makes me think about all the things I need to do to hit a pure shot, and when I don’t I only blame myself. Handicap 9.”

As you know, I play Hogans. Either 1999 Apex or 1989 Apex Red Line.

One thought on “Why I Have Blades in My Bag”

  1. Same here. Born in 1957, dad put a cutoff 7 iron in my hands at the age of 5. By 10, a junior half set (3w-3-5-7-9-p). From high school I just borrowed sets to play. I took the plunge in 2005 and bought Wilson Staff Fi5 irons (3 thru 7 CB, 8 thru P are blades).
    No real scoring change immediately. Lots of practice got me to 12hcp. My real problem was getting used to larger woods. I didn’t know wear to address the ball on that large club face. I still play blades and “wooden” woods from the 60’s for fun on a course that is walkable. Last time out was +5 for 9 holes. I believe walking the course also helps keep your mind in the game more so than riding.

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