Does Playing Golf Prolong Your Life?

A recent study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports concluded that playing golf regularly may increase your life expectancy by five years.

Actually, it’s not a recent article, it came out in 2008. But it caught someone’s attention recently.

Unfortunately, the full article is available only for a price, and you can buy access if you want to here.

The study’s abstract is here, but you have to have some experience reading abstracts to make sense of it.

You can find a discussion of the article here, and that should be all you really need to read.

The study did mention the full effect of prolonging life occurs in low handicap golfers, which should give all of us a new incentive to get better.

So you see, all long I have been adding add years to your life and you never knew it.

You’re welcome! Now start practicing!

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