The Meaning of External Focus in Golf

The concept of external focus, that is, putting your mind on what the club is doing rather than what you are doing, pays off brilliantly when applied to golf.

I have worked with it for several years and finally spent last summer hitting balls two and three times a day to work it into my golf swing for good.

It makes things so much easier, and so much better.

But it is important that you understand what the concept really means. This video, featuring Vivien Saunders, a champion golfer and legendary teacher from England, explains it.

Watch it several times. She makes key points, but says them only once. The more times you watch it, the more you will understand what she is really telling us.

3 thoughts on “The Meaning of External Focus in Golf”

  1. Very good video, Bob. Thanks for sharing this. I now have a new perspective on “the clubhead moving my body,” instead of the other way around. Now, if it only works. I’ll give it a shot!

  2. It works, Craig. There is solid research behind it, and it has made a huge improvement in my technique. But figuring out how the club is supposed to move isn’t easy. No quick fix here. It takes a lot of thinking and trying.

  3. Thank you for reminding me about Vivien Saunder. Her tips are simple, basic, and very good. Also, she has an entertaining way of describing them.

    Her “putt with a little hop” is great.

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