How To Get Good At Golf

You need to practice to get good at golf, but it must be the right kind of practice. Hitting lots of golf balls is the wrong kind. Practicing movements is the right kind. This video shows you one way to accomplish that.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Good At Golf”

  1. Thanks Bob. I like the GAPS acronym; the importance of having the basics correct for our Grip, Alignment, Posture, and Stance.

    With proper GAPS, we theoretically wind up with fewer “gaps” in our golf swings. It’s a good theory, especially if we add such other basics as rotating through the shot with smooth and relaxed tempo and timing.

    If we do, we might actually hit the ball where we’re intending to hit it — or pitch it — or chip it — or even putt it.

    Practice itself doesn’t make perfect, as we know. But good basics makes practice more likely to pay off with respectable results. Now, if only I actually liked to practice — which I don’t!

    Thanks for your video — I appreciate your devotion to helping us “students” play a better game of golf — emphasis on GAME!

    1. Craig,
      Way, way, way back a pro taught me the same things, but in this order, Grip, Stance, Alignment, Posture, because that is about the order you would follow before hitting a shot. Unfortunately, GSAP isn’t a convenient acronym.

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