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I don’t seem to be posting many rounds. I’m not skipping any, it’s just that I can only play every other week (and only nine holes) and sometimes I miss even then. So here is today’s story.

I shot a 44 at the OGA course in Woodburn, Oregon. Highs, lows, nothing in between.

The first hole I bogied because my drive landed right behind a little tree and I had to chip out to the fairway. That happens. PW on, two putts.

Number two, drive, 6-iron to twelve feet, two putts, par. I feel good.

Number three, a par three, hooked an iron into wet sand, staring at a pond directly on the other side of the green,. It took me two cautious shots to get out, barely, and a chip and a putt for a DB. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Fourth, par 5, hooked my tee shot into the water hazard. Third went right onto some heavy rough. I had a downhill lie and forgot you have to aim left. Hacked out, pitched on, two putts, DB.

Fifth, another par 5, drive and an advancement shot down the fairway. Looking real good. Hooked my 9-iron off the course and lost the ball. Another 9 and two putts, DB.

Sixth (now it gets better): 7-iron on a par 3 and sank the chip using a putter.

Seventh, pillaged my second shot on par 4, pitched on, two putts.

Eighth, par 3, 9-iron short, chipped in. I’ll tell you about the chip later.

Nine, par 5, drove into a fairway bunker, 6-iron out, sliced (my first slice in about five years) into the water, pitch, two putts, DB.

So. Take away four bad swings and I’m looking at a 40. That’s the good news. The bad news is four bad swings. Gotta work on those hooks (not worried about the slice).

About the chip-in on #8. This is a shot I have been working on, and bought a club just to hit it, a 60° wedge with only 4° of bounce. When you’re short-sided off the green, you play the ball well forward in your stance. That adds even more loft to the club, and the ball pops up and rolls out politely.

But I had fun. The score doesn’t bother me. I play, see what needs fixing, try to fix it, and go out again to see how I did. That’s what golf means to me.

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  1. Do you track putts, greens in regulation and such on your score card?

    I have started to do it to help me understand what I need to work on.

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