What’s In My Bag—April 2019

I love to play around with my set of clubs. Every time I make a change I think I have really got it this time.

Here’s the set I’m playing with now:

Driver (11.5 degrees)
Fairway wood (16.5 degrees)
Fairway wood (20.5 degrees)
24-degree hybrid
27-degree hybrid

The clubs from the 16.5 fairway wood to the lob wedge have fairly consistent gaps in loft.

I’ve really got it this time.

5 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag—April 2019”

  1. I’m on the same quest, but for a half set. I’m a hard core walker, and at 66, a half set is a lighter load. I’m a hack, and I play better with fewer clubs.
    D 10.5*
    3W 17*
    5H 26*
    7I 30.5*
    9I 40*
    GW 50*
    Now, I just need a buyer for 8I, PW, SW …

  2. Ed,
    I play with a set just like you describe from time to time. It’s lots of fun because you have to manufacture shots. And yes on the lighter load!

    1. Changed out my older driver for used PING G400 SFT 12*–“I’ve really got it this time.”

  3. Bob,
    Yes, but they are the 1998-02 Apex’s. They were fitted for me with regular shafts. The Red Lines, which are still sweet, have a stiff shaft. But since my longest iron is a 6, I might put them back in the bag for a while to see if they are still playable.

    The driver is a Titlelist 975J, the FWs are Titleist 975F, and the G, S, and LW are Titleist Vokey Spin-Milled. The putter is a Ping G2 Tess which I had fitted for me about ten years ago. Since I am somewhat tall, it is 38″ long, and a bit upright.

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