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I guess what I’m doing, and will do this year, is make a report on every round I play and tell you what I learned and gloat over my outstanding shots, like this one:

186 yards, par 3, 18.5° 3-wood. Started right, slight draw back toward the middle. Landed short, rolled on, toward the pin, looking good, looking REAL good, just grazed the hole going by. When I got to the green, it was four inches past the hole. I sank the putt. (The guys I play with don’t give par putts or birdie putts. We have to earn our good scores.)

A few days before I had looked at Phil Mickelson’s short game DVD, in which he talks about the “hinge-and-hold” method of chipping. I use that method on occasion, but he said to use it all the time. So, I used it all the time and got some really good shots out of it from sticky situations, like having to fly a bunker from in close but with little green to work with on the other side. I’d suggest you find a copy of that DVD and study it. It’s the same stroke that I call the Air Chip on page 63 in Better Recreational Golf.

My putting wasn’t as deadly as it was last week, but it didn’t hurt me. I played with just one other guy and we left the pin in the whole time. I love that new rule.

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  1. Really good idea; have been keeping a ‘diary’ for a number of years detailing rounds played and practice sessions. sometimes a struggle to keep out the negatives and focus on the good shots and moments but it works to boost self belief.

    1. Five over for the first three holes. Then I figured out how to hide a breathtaking push, and went even the rest of the way. (9 holes)

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