The Vanity Handicapper-in-Chief

It try so hard to stay out of politics when I’m online. No matter how egregious someone’s behavior is, there are legions who think it’s all right.

But this is a golf blog, and one of the things I hold most dearly as a golfer is respect for the game.

You know how you hear all the time that you learn a lot about a man’s character by playing golf with him?

That takes me right to the Vanity Handicapper-in-Chief. His GHIN listing was released today. An even though he has played golf at least 30 times since January, this is his first posting in that period.

Now you build a vanity handicap by only posting your better scores. But the assumption is that you actually shot those better scores.

Have you ever seen this man swing a golf club? You have? Then you would know.

It reminds me of when Kim Jong-Il shot a 38 on a par-72 golf course in 1994 in North Korea, a round that included five holes-in one.

Good absolute grief.

2 thoughts on “The Vanity Handicapper-in-Chief”

  1. Several articles over the last year or two I’ve read quoting people he’s played with say he’s shot from the high 70s to the low to mid 80s during their round, which largely bears out in the stats you show. He probably plays a lot of casual rounds that include gimmies, etc., that can’t be posted for HC (especially now as the president, but also as a private citizen doing business on the course).

    At least he keeps a handicap. I don’t recall that any of our last 4 golf playing presidents have a registered HC.

    I’d be a lot more concerned if he was a sandbagger!

    1. Still, Bob, taking six YEARS to post his twenty lowest scores is beyond suspicious, to my way of thinking.

      As for the other presidents who don’t keep a handicap, they’re just out there to have fun. Handicaps are for equalizing competition.

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