How Not to Drive Yourself Nuts on the Golf Course

From my forthcoming book, Bob’s Living Golf Book:

1. Hit an easy shot with a simple outcome. Don’t make any shot a big deal. Just get an idea, and hit the ball with no worries.

2. After you hit this one, don’t think about it, good or bad, and don’t think about the next one until you’ve arrived at the ball. Spend the meantime schmoozing with your buddies.

When you get to your ball,
Go to step 1.

3. Add up your score when the round is over. While you’re playing, it’s not important.

2 thoughts on “How Not to Drive Yourself Nuts on the Golf Course”

    1. John:
      1. Say you have to hit a chip over a bunker to a tight pin. You can try to nudge the ball close to the hole, or just pop the ball onto the green and take two putts. Anyone can do the second one. Expecting the first one to work without really knowing how to do it is how you drive yourself nuts.

      2. The great Walter Hagen expected to make seven poor shots every round. When he hit one, he knew it was just one of the seven. And you know you can flub a shot or two and still make par.

      3. I have started three over after two holes and broken 80. That’s why there are eighteen holes.

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