Manuel de la Torre (1921-2016)

A legendary instructor passed away on April 24. Spanish-born player and coach Manuel de la Torre, based in Wisconsin, taught that the golfer should think about how the club moves and not about how the body moves.

Manuel de la Torre

If the club moves correctly, the result will be a good shot. There are many ways the body can move to get the club to move correctly.

Once a golfer understands what the club is supposed to do, that player’s unconscious mind will take over and guide the body to produce that result.

See him explain this concept here.

de la Torre was an accomplished golfer, finishing as runner-up in the 1942 NCAA final. He won the Wisconsin State Open five times and the Wisconsin PGA Professional Championship five times. He had top ten finishes in PGA Tour events, too.

He was inducted into both the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and the PGA Hall of Fame.

He loved teaching, and kept his fees low to expand his reach. He famously charged juniors just $3 a lesson. He often said, “I’d rather make $1,000 teaching 50 people than $1,000 teaching 10.”

The book, Understanding the Golf Swing, explains his golfing philosophy.

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