How the Golf Swing Really Works

If you haven’t already heard of her, I would like to introduce you to Vivien Saunders, a great teacher who lives in the U.K.

In this video, she turns around everything you have heard about how to swing a golf club.

Swinging a golf club is not what happens when you do the right things with your body. It is what happens to your body when you swing the golf club correctly.

Watch this. (Unfortunately, there is no Embed option)

Swing the Clubhead

Now you don’t have to watch the Golf Channel anymore.

One thought on “How the Golf Swing Really Works”

  1. Have always felt this made a lot of sense- just letting a golf club swing itself up and down.. to and fro.. puts our body in all the ‘right ‘ positions- it simply follows the swing of the clubhead

    Try it when you have a bad back and you’ll be amazed how well you play- effortless golf letting the clubhead weight do the work.

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