Your Left Wrist in the Backswing

One of the keys to hitting a straight shot is for the angle in your left wrist be the same at the top of the backswing as it is at address.

This video shows you why that is so, and how to learn this critical skill.

Here’s the rule. If you have less bend in the left wrist at the top than at address, you have closed the clubface. If you have more bend at the top than at address, you have opened the clubface.

The best way to fix a mismatch is to set the club at the top the way you like it. If you like a cuppy wrist up there, you need a strong grip. If you like a flat left wrist at the top, a neutral grip will do.

A bowed out left wrist is seldom seen in recreational golf, but if that’s you, use a weak grip.

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