What’s In My Bag Update

I played nine holes this morning with five clubs: driver, 4i, 7i, 54 wedge, putter.

The only thing that went wrong was on the first hole. I thought I had taken along a 56 wedge. It was a 54 and my pitch on to the green was way overcooked.

Other than that, I shot the same score I usually do and had to hit a few creative shots I don’t otherwise get to hit.

Great fun.

2 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag Update”

  1. Happy New Year

    Curious what the loft was on the driver? A higher loft driver would allow it function as a driver on a tee and a fairway wood.

    Thanks for the tip on 13 clubs one swing. I am in the process of implementing it and to date results have been good. Admittedly it is a bit of a change for me on my driver and fairway woods. Yes it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks but this dog is trying

    1. The driver has 11.5 degrees of loft. The 4i is gets me where I want to go from the fairway.

      Glad to read the 13 club approach is working for you.

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